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Since the advent of the Internet, image theft has become a widespread problem. Downloading and copying photos from any website is now very easy. However, people who use someone else's work without permission often don't realize they are committing copyright infringement. 🤷‍♀️

With Photolock™, you can prevent people from saving images from your website without your permission, warn them about your copyright, and protect your website's content. You can also use a watermark to prevent people from taking screenshots or stealing your photos from the Internet. Our app provides you with robust features that you can customize to fit your needs, giving you any level of security you desire.

Your site will be safer with the numerous locks provided by Photolock. You can disable specific mouse and keyboard actions and hide your source code, so you don't have to be afraid to showcase your digital work.


Photolock aims to prevent everyday users from attempting to steal images. Using Photolock as an additional layer of security protects against 99% of site visitors. However, Photolock is a front-end security suite only, and it cannot prevent site visitors from accessing the website's code set and assets embedded in the code due to the architecture of internet browsers. Photolock cannot provide complete protection against server-side attacks and other advanced attacks.